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Our traveler's reviews

"My wife and I have just returned from a 'tailor-made' holiday in Corsica the arrangements for which were all planned and executed by Christelle at the Miss Carrington Travel Agency. Everything, every small detail, was taken care of for us. Communication throughout all preparations before the trip were excellent. We had not visited Corsica before but thought a local travel agency would be the most suitable. We are so glad to have chosen 'Miss Carrington' and would wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering a holiday in either Corsica or Sardinia to contact either Christelle or Sabrina. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to return and will only be using the services of 'Miss Carrington'. Thank you ladies. It was an amazing trip."

Chris P. (GB)

"We got to meet with Sabrina from Miss Carrington Tours at the café we ate at last night. This is a fun encounter: it is seldom we get to have an in-depth conversation with someone who actually lives in the area we are visiting. We have ordered San Pellegrino water; Sabrina tells us next time get St. George water because it is local (and not owned by the Koch brothers, as Sandi points out). Sabrina is 44 with a 7 year old daughter who speaks French, Italian, English and Corsican. She was born in Corsica but grew up betwenn Corsica and Sardinia. And she loves Dorothy Carrington’s interpretation of Corsica (Dorothy came for a visit in 1948 and stayed for the rest of her life). Sabrina and her partner Christelle received the rights to use the name for their business from Dorothy’s family. Our Corsica/Sardina leg off the trip went smooth thanks to Sabrina and Christelle."

Richard C. (USA)

We made it home without any problems last night
Thanks for all your work on the trip, it was everything we had expected and without your guidance, we would have missed a lot."

Liiane C. (USA)

"Hi David
Can you please pass on to Silvana that our Corsica holiday is going very well and we have been most impressed with the service we have received from Christelle and Sabrina at Miss Carrington's."

Anne N. (Australia)

 "I wanted to call just after the trip inevitably though, I was caught up by other things.

I wanted to tell you that it was a marvellous trip, the trekking paths were amazing, you made an excellent choice, the transfers, always on time, even often before schedule.The availability of hotels was super, the value for money was equally very good, above all the cleanliness of the hotels was well appreciated. Except for the driver of the last transfer to the airport, who was an impolite person. That took nothing away from the perfect symmetry of your organisation.

I must really compliment you for all your efforts and we promise to share our positive experiences amongst our immediate contacts and above all to the association!"


Gianni T. (ITALIA)

"Hello Miss !!! Thank you for the all too short visit on motorbike in Corsica. What splendour, incredible views, just thinking about it makes my eyes blink. What impressive turns, of one of our most beautiful departments. A must to see and sense for yourself ! Great hotels equipped with motorbike garages. Only good encounters along the roads... Thank you Sabrina"


Didier C. (FRANCE)

"Hello Sabrina,
Thank you very much for the organization we had a lot of fun in Corsica and here are some pictures of our trip 😀 "

T. Dali (Suisse)

"Christelle…. one final thanks for your help while we were in Corsica…  the ferry and train combo worked perfectly for our trip to Rome…  the hotel in Bastia was fabulous  
all in all, a great trip….  Rome was nice and relaxed.
It was nice to meet you and if we ever return we will look you up."

Suzanne and Elmer J.(USA)

"The daily itinerary was very good. Not too long, and not too short. Very good.
We are now near Nice, and everybody are still talking about the fantastic nature on Corse.
Thank you for this year. Nice to meet you and Sabrina. And I guess I will make a similar tour next year, and then I will contact you again."


Steen P.(Danemark)