); Start the game. Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo Glitch? Seller: zyzzgs-13 (57) 100%, Location: Harrison, New Jersey, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 143612209913 Bo3 Modded Account Level 1000 Multi & Zombies With 160+ Supply Drops (Read Desc). Start studying BO3 specialists. ... "BO3 Zombies Unlimited XP Farm Glitch" (BO3 After Patch 1.31 2018) iSmallTV Aug 28, 2018 ; … Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo Glitch? 5:15. • How To Unlock Royalty Camo: Unconfirmed; Complete all Camo challenges for all weapons in a weapon class. Extended Camo is incredibly useful on higher difficulties, as enemies tend to ignore or search for the player, allowing opportunities for open assaults while being concealed. Wanting to buy a BO3 Prestige glitch for Xbox One. Also vision pulse briefly works on infinite active camo too. Zombies Camos: • How To Unlock Contagious Camo: Get 100 kills with a single weapon. BO3 DUP GLITCH This glitch basically copies my stat onto your account or new account. Video Games Black Ops 3 Call Of Duty Call Duty Black ... Report. A collection of all the mods/maps that i am using on bo3. Active Camo: hero_optic_camo Combat Focus: gadget_combat_efficiency Gambler: gadget_thief Glitch: gadget_flashback Heatwave: gadget_heat_wave Kinetic Armor: gadget_armor Overdrive: gadget_speed_burst Psychosis: gadget_clone Rejack: gadget_resurrect Vision Pulse: gadget_vision_pulse Specialist Weapons: Annihilator: hero_annihilator * Dark matter camo on all weapons * Infinite active camo and combat focus glitch * Glitched classes with heatwave as the lethal * All zombies Easter eggs completed * 100% zombies completion * 100% multiplayer completion * 1 x three of a kind bribe * 1 x camo bribe * 20 x no dupe rare supply drop * 70 x rare supply drop * 2 x any weapon bribe As always, have fun and enjoy your stay! Bo3 study guide by ACEadinc includes 326 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. BLACK OPS 3 DARK MATTER CAMO (BO3 Glitch) JAMIExELITEv2. All Hero Gold gear( if you change it , you will lose it)- OP Classes with modded combat focus, gambler, active camo as a secondary weapon- Modded 6 attachment 6 perks heat wave classes (some classes have 7 attachments & some have no optic but 6 attachments)- 9 Guaranteed DLC weapon bribes - 9 Guaranteed DLC melee weapons-1 One of a kind bribe-1 One Camo Bribe- 1 melee or ranged weapon … This is an ability that can be used both offensively and defensively, especially being useful for the former. camos warfare. 1:11. Black Ops 3 DIAMOND & DARK MATTER CAMO GLITCH - PS4 XBOX ONE PC - BO3 Unlock Camos Instantly. NeroKitty said: Ne, war Bo2 nicht Serversided? Load the chosen mod. Created by Mightyy. To use unlimited active camo or combat focus you have to be on a round based game and have it charged up before the second round. How do I get my skull camo back . GLITCH/ BO3 CAMO SECRET. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjI5mhT6DbmDBUYBiVLGh_Q/joinIf you enjoyed smash the like button , want to becomea member and support the grind join next to the subscribe button ! Therefore, when the second round starts you use your specialist right off the start of the second round then switch modded classes before it runs out causing it to glitch and stay. Unlimited Active Camo (Round based games) Unlimited Combat Focus (Round based games) Dark Matter Camo. Black Ops 3 multiplayer features a new "Specialist" character system. Find the latest glitches for Call of Duty: Black Ops III here. 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