Hiking and walking holidays in Corsica or Sardinia

Our hiking trips and walking holidays in Corsica and Sardinia are aimed at both the occasional and the seasoned walker looking for amazing scenery, heritage sites and traditional villages which are accessible on foot. We don’t, however, rule out the need for a car on an island! If you would rather not drive, we can arrange transfers for both you and your luggage when it is required.

Our walks and heritage trails are designed for individuals travelling alone, for couples or groups of friends and take up half a day, leaving time for you to explore areas that require transport.

The best period for the walks is from May to September. May/June is a lovely time: the countryside is becoming green and the aromatic plants of the maquis are beginning to blossom. In July and August the weather is hotter and more stable (except in the mountains where it can change very quickly).

The walking routes we offer are in a variety of locations. There are coastal paths where you can enjoy views of the Mediterranean and its enticing turquoise waters. Others are ancient mule tracks linking remote villages. Or there are lower and middle mountain paths which are not too strenuous.

You can look forward to relaxing in comfortable and high-quality accommodation at the end of each day’s activity.

Corsica and Sardinia’s footpaths await you! They offer the most spectacular views and gentle walks in a protected environment.

Come and explore these Mediterranean islands. They cannot fail to recharge your batteries and offer you the unforgettable experience of discovering their traditional heritage in harmony with the rich natural beauty of indigenous plants and species.

If you cannot find a walking holiday which suits you, please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements.