Our Differences

The distinctive features and style of Miss Carrington

The difference between offering a simple travel and creating a real life experience lies in the care of details when approaching the essential aspects of the matter.
Why we say so?
Because we do so, on many levels.

Our founders and team leaders have 20+ years experience as operators in the field of tourism and adventure travels, working internationally as agents for large companies first, then as tastemakers and influencers on the production side. The professional network is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of service.

Our team is composed of passionate and motivated travel connoisseurs, always paying attention to your needs and wishes. As travellers ourselves, we can ensure to meet your expectations. We can help shape and satisfy your travel curiosity since we possibly share the very same passion.


Our headquarters are based in Corsica, and we also have partners in Sardinia therefore we are more than qualified to guide you through. Our dedicated lines are open to you, our mailboxes always on. And if you are willing to meet us, it will be with a warm handshake and a cup of coffee.


We are keen on assisting you to make the right choices while advising, planning and developing the best itineraries possible according to the territory and your wishes. Plus, we do guarantee a full support on the field 24/7 for every package from landing to departure. After your journey, we will follow up to hear from you to ensure that we have met your expectations. We do care, really.



We know what traveling means, and how much it is important having the right combination of elements in the mix. We periodically visit all of the services and accomodations proposed in order to make sure that they comply with our quality policies so you can have the best in terms of comfort and welcome.


Last but not least, as far as security is concerned, we are a registered travel agency, licensed by Atout France meaning that we are fully insured and protected. We however recommend that you take your own travel insurance.




We plan for you quality holidays in Corsica and Sardinia : discovery tours, wellness tours, hotel bookings, charming accommodation, car rental, tours with official guides, excursions, privatized cruises or activities such as hiking and more...!

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Passionate about travel, culture, nature, hiking, foreign languages, of course Corsica and Sardinia where we live! we improved large skills and a good knowledge about accommodation, activities… during our 15 years of tourism experiences . Plan your holidays is a pleasure for us!

⫸ Why trust us?


Your journey begins with a conversation. We invite you to share your travel wishes, aspirations, and preferences with us. Have a specific experience in mind? Let us know. 

  1. Share Your Wishlist: Let us know your dream destinations, preferred travel dates, and any special experiences you have in mind. The more details you provide, the better we can customize your journey.
  2. Define Your Budget: Sharing your budget helps us create a travel plan that meets your expectations while staying within your financial comfort zone.
  3. Tailored Proposal: Our team will carefully design a personalized itinerary based on your inputs. We'll ensure that each aspect of your journey, from accommodations to activities, resonates with your travel vision.
Crafting your ideal getaway !