Romantic Travel in Corsica and Sardinia

Imagine your honeymoon in an untouched and wild landscape... Now feel a light sea breeze caressing your face.  Open your eyes and admire a spectacular sunset where the red sun fires up the blue cobalt sea. And now let yourself be captured by the strong scent of the myrtle from the Mediterranean maquis which remains at your feet.
Listen to the seabirds call and the splashing of the waves against the granite coastline and think about Viking ships, Greek, Arab and Spanish navigating far in different times but close to each other. A dream… No. You are living, breathing, listening to the essence of Corsica and Sardinia.
What could be better than a romantic trip in Corsica and Sardinia, enjoying to the upmost the breath taking beauty of these two islands.
Often we try to organise our honeymoon by searching far away for what is actually near to us.  For special moments like anniversaries or marriages these two islands present themselves as amazing destinations for romantic escapades immersed in nature but two steps from home.

Resorts, luxury hotels or any other type of accommodation create a large bouquet of offers from which to choose your preference, so you can spend moments of intimacy which will remain beautiful and precious memories.
There are not just a few couples that choose to do their honeymoon in Corsica and Sardinia, enjoying the marvellous features of these two neighbouring islands, amongst which features include the incredible beauty of places which are perfect for two lovers.
Here you can decide if you can add to your romantic holiday some active itineraries which will take you to discover the stories and the cultures that are making these two islands so rich and permitting you to explore a traditional lifestyle which still conserves its own values.
At any time of the year the magic and wild Corsica and the wonderful Sardinia will know how to conquer your heart.