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City tour in Bastia

Bastia the Genovese fortress remains distinct from other towns in Corsica as one of the most characterful port towns on the island with a rich history. Closer to Italy than to France, Bastia opens the door to a mosaic of cultures which have impacted on the island. Beautifully conserved in many areas, the town centres around the Square of St. Nicolas known to be one of the largest open squares in Europe. As a commercial hub, the town is full of the hustle and bustle connected with local business and important public sector and political headquarters in its environs. Staunchly Corsican in atmosphere, the town benefits from well-defined quartiers which each in their own rights tell their own stories. Stroll down to the old port and try some of the local delicacies… head to the open market place and try to get your hands on some of the local tastes including the beignets au brocciu, tartes aux herbs or locally produced charcuteries, chestnut cakes or liquors made with the myrtle fruit.

Home to an open citadel which still has a large concentration of housing, some exclusive restaurants and cafés and some hotel choices it is best explored in the afternoon or early morning when the olive lined fortified walls are shaded from the strong Mediterranean sun. Sumter down the narrow and history filled streets and get inside the Genovese fort before heading to the highly-regarded museum where you can piece the story together before enjoying an aperol overlooking the magnificent harbour and natural port of Bastia.

It is here in this surrounding region where we can find some of the most prestigious wines of the island in the region of Patrimonio a small distance from Bastia; here the many vineyards which can be visited for tasting by reservation, open the window to a long history and tradition of wine making in Corsica, and a stop in Saint Florent, the charming port huddled onto the shoreline near the Cap Corse, is the perfect occasion to enjoy the wine paired with a locally sea inspired dish in one of the recommended restaurants.

The Cap Corse, a region not to go unmentioned on the doorstep of Bastia with its conglomeration of quaint villages nestled along the coastline and in the maquis covered hills. The micro-region is also renowned for its fishing harbours and local seafood specialities of course with no shortages of beaches and natural reserves; why not try the local aperitif of Cap Corse vin cuit while enjoying long sea views to the Italian coast or islands…

Bastia lying strategically close to the north west and east coast known as the green coast permits easy access to the natural reserve of Biguglia which hosts many diverse wildlife species a very important location for migratory bird species such as the Pink Flamingos in the winter months…


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