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City tour in Bonifacio

The dramatic backdrop of the limestone cliffs sets apart Bonifacio as a unique jewel in the Corsican Archipelago. Set amidst the contrasting green maquis with the ever-present turquoise and marine blue sea, the port town of Bonifacio is a paradise for nature lovers and a must see for its interesting architectural delights.

A plethora of history crammed into the fortified streets which wind up into the remarkably well preserved citadel. History and culture are not restricted to the museums here, but a living and breathing attestation to the richness that we can stumble across Roman gothic churches, ancient stairways, small fishing stores all the while close to old palaces and the luxury yacht marina.

Where to start… we recommend a full town tour which will incorporate a walking visit of the ramparts and citadel to discover the old tales, legends and history of the highly-prised fortress town which sits as one of the highest citadels in France. If you’re interested by architecture and history with nature combine them all by taking some steps on the stairs of Aragon… the ancient stairways etched into the limestone cliffs descend to the sea and exemplify the determination of the King of Aragon not to be besieged by the Genovese * extraordinary views of Sardinia and up close views of the interesting geological aspects of the coast with access to the sea.

There’s nothing more pleasurable than sitting portside relaxing in one of the many excellent restaurants, bars and cafés while sipping a local drink or indulging in a fine meal local or international flavours. At the same time letting your imagination vision the history that has shaped the astonishing Bonifacian landscape. If you are seeking luxury or simplicity, Bonifacio is the perfect destination with a world-renowned port hidden from the rest of the coastline in the summer months we often see the catamarans, sail boats and luxury yachts moor in the harbour. Quaint and charming, every street offers something for the eye be it the dramatic cliffs or the typical Bonifacian houses or, indeed, a little further afield, luxury beachside properties.

Not just known for its cliff site location, Bonifacio holds claim to its own rich culinary delights, with dishes developed around long standing cooking traditions using locally sourced ingredients… for those searching for typical Corsican dishes try the Aubergines a la Bonifacienne, the local seafood delicacies in season often straight of the fishing boat and with all these delicacies often best served with a quality wine red, white or rosé the vineyards from South Corsica merit a close pairing with their regional food counterparts.




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