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City tour in Calvi

Calvi inhabited since pre-historic times is a remarkable town by the sea with its own citadel fortress and expansive pleasure craft marina often frequented by those searching a touch of luxury and chic while vacationing in Corsica. 

In the 13th century Calvi was placed under the protection of the Genovese when the first palace was to be built.  This town is a place that has seen many faces in the course of its History… known as the Cité Paoline because of its close relationship with Pasquale Paoli the father of Corsican Patriotism during the 18th Century who created a successful reputation for himself and his loyalists seen by many a fore thinker in modern politics promoting fraternity, equality and education. Equally one of the most famous maritime explorers ever to have lived – Christopher Columbus.

Set beneath some of the highest mountain chains on the island close to the starting point of the mythic GR20 trail beaches in the surrounding Calvese region offer the background of the green maquis in the Balagne contrasted by the snow-capped mountains in the central regions of Corsica. The Balagne region is home to some majestic villages including that of Corbara set at approximately 400 metres of altitude founded in 816 by the Roman Prince Guido de Sabellis where today we can still see some impressive ruins. Close by the village of Sant’Antonio is recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in France and it is often labelled as the oldest village in Corsica considered as an eagles nest nestled 500 metres up from the sea. In terms of Corsican history and Balaines traditions Pigna is considered as one of the most active villages in the region for promotion of traditions and reinvigoration of the rich history. Founded in the year 120 the village dominates the bay of Algajola.

Well equipped with a range of restaurants for all tastes including new international fusion and Corsican themed restaurants the region also boasts the highest concentration of Michelin accredited restaurants on the island. Be your preference a luxury coastal villa, or an intimate luxury hotel even a smaller quaint traditional house this region can provide it all within proximity to the port and old part of Calvi. Explore the crystal-clear waters and golden sand beaches dotted along the surrounding coastline, or take a private boat excursion to explore a bit further afield the Calanches of Piana a UNESCO world heritage site or the village of Girolata only accessible by boat or on a coastal footpath via the famous ‘postman’s trail’.

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