Wellness holidays in Sardinia or Corsica

Wellness holidays and spa breaks

We offer wellness holidays for couples who are looking for the perfect relaxing break in a secluded location.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it difficult to take good care of yourself. The benefits of wellbeing holidays are indisputable: they allow you to pause and savour every moment, to slow down, refocus and boost your physical and mental energy levels.

Available from April to October, our holidays give you the chance to recharge your batteries in the best luxury hotels, with integrated spas and wellness centres.

Immerse yourself in the soothing ambience of the Mediterranean region for the perfect relaxation experience.

Our holidays are individually tailored for your specific requirements: massages, hammam and whirlpools, facial and body therapies, hairstyling and other beauty treatments.

Our treatments are of the highest quality: the products we use are made from local wild plants whose essential oils are known to work wonders! One of the best known essential oils is immortelle, picked and distilled in Corsica.

A week of yoga and meditation sessions in a relaxing and inspirational setting will enable you to refocus your attention on yourself.

Whether your wellness holiday is just for the weekend or for a whole week, you will immediately feel the benefits of all the peace and pampering.

Who hasn’t dreamt of treating themselves to the trip of a lifetime? With us, you can spend a truly rewarding holiday in peaceful and relaxing surroundings. The delicate aromas of the ‘maquis’ will invigorate you and take you far away from the frenetic pace of daily life.

Pack your bags and set off on a fantastic journey! You can look forward to a totally restful experience, a real treat for your personal wellbeing.

If you can’t find the holiday you are looking for in Corsica or Sardinia, don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.