Holidays in Corsica and in Sardinia: a cultural discovery

Share with us our passion for the many historical and heritage sites in Corsica -France and Sardinia - Italy. Take a look at the holidays we have on offer on these Mediterranean islands and discover their amazingly rich historic and prehistoric heritage.
You can choose to change accommodation each day or to enjoy day trips from a single hotel.
Come and discover the history of our islands through its most remote rural and coastal villages, its churches, museums, castles, Roman remains, menhirs, archaeological sites, its multiphonic chants, customs and traditions. Let yourself be spirited back in time on these fascinating islands.

Corsica became well known thanks to its founder and world –renowned figure Napoleon Bonaparte! One other person responsible for Corsica’s place in the world is Pascal Paoli, born in Morosaglia in 1725 and generally regarded as Corsica’s leader.
Writers such as Dorothy Carrington (Corsica, the granite island) were amazingly successful in spreading the word about Corsica’s customs and traditions and the beauty beyond that of its landscape.
In Sardinia, you will come across thousands of cone-shaped buildings called Nuraghi. Over several centuries, diverse cultures such as the Phoenicians, the Carthagians, the Romans and Aragonese have left their mark on the island.
You can be sure that your holiday in Corsica or Sardinia will be a journey through space and time to a destination rich in history and authenticity.
Your holiday with us can be a la carte or individually tailored. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.